Strangelove is coming to you! After a year of silence and contemplation the festival strikes down again, this time in the centre of Antwerp right behind the city hall. We’re here, and we’re queer! Strangelove opens with the documentary Call Me Kuchu, in which David Kato fights for equality in Uganda. We’ll take you up north for the magical She Male Snails and to the raw streets of Lisbon with O Fantasma. On our stage you’ll find dancer Daniel Linehan and writer Annelies Verbeke. And of course there are concerts as well. This time Orpan Fairytale and Capsule will bring groovy sounds and we’ll welcome the ‘Snob Groove Diva’ Madame Dame from Paris. Last but not least the exhibition of Ferran Sanchez Castillo takes you into his colorful microcosm. But enough name dropping. We’d love to invite you to discover our program, which is packed with queer fun. Of course there’s also a bite to eat in our kitchen and we close with a spectacular Strangelove Party. Welcome to the third edition of the Strangelove Festival!

FUMOS (work in progress)

A performance/installation out of the residency period as “artist in residency” at the Zomeracademie 2012 (an initiative of De Veerman & Destelheide)

concept • Paulo Guerreiro

video • Clara Bausch